The black horse ran as expected, the gold medal at the Prague Wheel Open goes to the Swedish team Nacka HI

08.08.2016 | Jakub Švejkovský

Foto: Archiv TCSE
They came far from Sweden and after a few great appearances won gold medals. The current Swedish wheelchair champion team Nacka HI dominated the Prague Wheel Open again. The sixth edition of the tournament for wheelchair players was a great sports event!

The Prague Wheel Open attended ten teams from five different countries. The mentioned Swedish team was considered the biggest favorite, similarly like the last finalists of the Czech wheelchair league České Budějovice and Tatran Střešovice or the current champion of Netherlands Haag88.


The Swedish wheelchair players dominated group A with a breath taking score 29:2 in four matches. On the second place ended the "Scorpions" from České Budějovice, who masterfully won three matches and lost just the match with the Swedish Nacka by a result 1:6.


Group B then was much more balanced. Most of the points were won by the Polish wheelchair players from team Wheel Wolf, who play the Czech wheelchair league. Nevertheless, Polish floorbalists also lost the match with the last team of the group Doing from Netherlands. Seven points went to the Tatran Střešovice players and the Holand team Haag88 too.


Viewers had an opportunity to see three unequivocal quarter-final matches during play-off, which ended by results 10:0, 10:1 and 11:0. Only the game between Budějovice and Haag88 was tight, the squad from the South of Czechia finally won 3:2 by a goal of Tomáš David one minute and seven seconds before the end.


In the first semi-final game played Nacka against Tatran. The team from Prague entered the game with determination and only after 2 minutes and a pass from Jan Natov, a member of the superleague Boleslav and a member of the Czech national team, could Tomáš Pek celebrate their first goal. However the Swedes were very productive and could count on their most bludgeoning duo Brorsson-Almlöf. The best shooter of the tournament Alexander Brorsson stroke twice, Tommy Almlöf added 3 points for a goal and 2 assistances. Nacka won despite the efforts of the current Czech champions 4:2.


In the second semifinal match the score between České Budějovice and Wheel Wolf after two thirds was 1:1. After two goals of Ivan Nestával and František Šindelář the South Bohemians finally won 3:1.


There were held three matches before the final game. Team Switzerland reached the seventh place by beating the Holand EU-elites. Their countrymen Haag88 then showed a great performance by winning against SKV Praha ComAp Team 6:0 and ending at the fifth place. The bronze medal game between Wheel Wolf and Tatran Střešovice was truly thrilling. However the chances of Wheel Wolf have been transformed more times and they won tightly 3:2.


The last match of the tournament brought a reprise of a group encounter between the Swedish Nacka and Budějovice. In the finals the striker Brorsson scored again and thanks to his hat-trick he got a total of 12 goals per tournament. The most productive player of the tournament Almlöf supported him with another goal and an assistance which ascribed him a total of 22 points (11+11) during seven matches. The Swedes showed their excellency again and after two gold and one bronze medals of the previous three tournaments they are leaving with the most precious metal again.




1. Nacka HI (SWE)

2. FBC Štíři České Budějovice (CZE)

3. Wheel Wolf (POL)

4. Tatran Střešovice (CZE)

5. Haag88 (NED)

6. SKV Praha ComAp Team (CZE)

7. Team Switzerland (SUI)

8. EU-Elites (NED)






best shooter: Alexander Brorsson (Nacka HI)

best player: Tomáš David (FBC Štíři České Budějovice)
best female player: Fabienne Ernst (Team Switzerland)
best goalkeeper: Karel Dominik

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