Habla espaniol? Un poco! August: Do you know what floorball is? co je florbal? My ANO!

18.02.2016 | Mariia Zimina

Our official partnes has published an articleabout sport activities in Prague yhis year on their web site. Among them is floorball!

Our official partner has published an article about sport activities in Prague this year on their web site. Among them is also FLORBALL!


Prague is a European Capital of sports 2016.

Nice weather is coming and Czech capital offers different activities, tournamnets and competitions for the whole Europe.


August: Do you know what is florbal?

Yes, you read it right. Floorball. If you want to to check it out you should go to the floorball tournamet for athletes with disabilities Prague Wheel Open 2016, which will take place on 6-8th of August in Prague. Czech Republic which is in the list of the Top 4 teams in the World in floorball will host the floorball players with disabilities. It is worth to mention that the floorball is considered as a National sport in Czech Republic.

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