The Dutch wheelchair players from the team Haag88: If we can play our own game, our chance to win will be very high

11.06.2016 | Jakub Švejkovský

Foto: Archiv TCSE
Floorball wheelchair is gradually becoming more and more global phenomenon. One of the biggest tournaments for floorball players on wheels will take place in Prague this August. Apart from the traditional TCSE tournaments - the Czech Open, the Prague Games and the Prague Masters - is being held the sixth edition of the youngest family member of floorball events called the Prague Wheel Open this summer. We unveil the short interview with the team that has registered as the first, the Dutch team Haag88.

What is your actual position in the Dutch league?

This Saturday (June 11th) we are playing the play-off, more exactly the semifinal of the Dutch league. Next weekend there is the final, where the teams clash of the Netherlands title.


Where did you hear about the Prague Wheel Open?

Most of our players have already participated in this tournament, so we knew that this event exists and takes place in Prague.


What are your expectations and goals at the tournament?

We have the highest goals. We hope to finish as high as possible, perhaps as the champions of the whole Prague Wheel Open tournament.


How strong do you think will be the other teams at the Prague Wheel Open?

There are some really good teams. But we know that our chance to win will be very high, if we can play our own game.


Are you going to any other tournaments this summer?

No, we are not going to any other tournaments this summer. The Prague Wheel Open is the only event, which we participate.

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