The Prague Wheel Open will be an unofficial Champions Cup, the champions will come from Sweden and Netherlands

14.07.2016 | Jakub Švejkovský

Foto: Archiv TCSE
Three of nine teams at the Prague Wheel Open are champions of their countries. Moreover, one squad is a national selection. Viewers have simply many reasons to look forward to the sixth edition of the Prague Wheel Open, which is being held this August.

There are ten teams from five different countries in one common category. This year is not as rich in the number of participants as it was in 2012, when 14 teams arrived in total. But as it was already mentioned, the tournament will feature squads from five countries.


There is perhaps no surprise that the largest number of participants is from the Czech league. Next to the ComAp Team from Prague and the Meteor from Plzeň viewers will be certainly curious on the last finalists of the Czech Floorball Wheelchair League FBC Štíři České Budějovice and Tatran Střešovice, the current Czech champion. Five teams from the local competition conclude the Polish team Wheel Wolf, which plays the Czech league too.


From the Land of Tulips there will come three units, namely Doing team, the winner of the Prague Wheel Open 2012, and the current champion of the Dutch league Haag88 (We have already published the interview with the Dutch league winner at this link) and EU-elites. Traditionally also arrives the Team Switzerland.


The last team, which will introduce itself at the Prague Wheel Open, is from Sweden and will be probably the strongest squad at the tournament. Nacka HI has won the last six seasons of the Swedish Wheelchair League and gained two gold and one bronze medal at three appearances at the Prague Wheel Open. The Swedish champions didn´t dominate the Prague Wheel Open 2014 due to the tightest possible defeat 1:2 in the semi-finals with the Wheel Wolf.


Who will win the Prague Wheel Open 2016 or such an unofficial Champions Cup on Wheels? Will it be the Dutch or the Swedish champion or will Tatran finish with another trophy this year? We will know all the answers in the beginning of August.

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